Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Explore our exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness collection, specially curated for the entire month of October. Here, you'll find a selection of limited edition merchandise that not only lets you show your support but also contributes to the noble cause of Breast Cancer research. Every purchase you make from this special line will have a portion of the proceeds donated to A World of Pink Foundation to help support Breast Cancer patients in their surgery aftercare.

A World of Pink Foundation makes a difference for all women who have been affected by breast cancer, one fitting at a time.  Through the use of proper bra fittings and breast prosthesis, A World of Pink is able to restore a woman’s confidence and make her feel beautiful again.  This could not be done without the generous support of a caring community.

Every dollar raised goes directly to women with breast cancer across the country. Women are unaware that our service covers the items they need through the process of reconstruction and beyond!

A World of Pink is here every step of the way!