Helly Hansen Belfast Packable Jacket
Helly Hansen Belfast Packable Jacket
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Helly Hansen Belfast Packable Jacket

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Introducing the Helly Hansen Belfast 2 Packable Jacket – where exceptional performance meets convenience in one sleek package. This jacket isn't just about style; it's about being prepared for the elements while maintaining your active lifestyle. Now, with an exclusive touch, the world-renowned Equestrian Center logo is elegantly embellished on the sleeve, making this jacket a statement of your passion and refined taste.

Designed to be a true companion on your adventures, the Belfast 2 Packable Jacket boasts a unique ability to fold up neatly into its own pocket, allowing you to effortlessly stow it away or pack it for those impromptu journeys. Whether you're embarking on a trail ride, exploring the countryside, or simply braving the urban jungle, this lightweight jacket ensures you're ready for anything that comes your way.

Crafted with precision from 2-layer HELLY TECH® Protection Fabric, this jacket brings an unparalleled level of weather resistance to your wardrobe. Its ingenious construction guarantees windproof and waterproof protection, ensuring you're shielded from the most wicked weather elements. Fully taped seams take the protection up a notch, making certain that rain and wind stay firmly at bay.

For athletes and adventurers alike, breathability is paramount. The Belfast 2 Packable Jacket incorporates advanced breathable fabric that enables you to stay comfortable, even during the most demanding pursuits. This means you can give your all, knowing that you're not sacrificing comfort for performance.

Fit for the free spirit, the relaxed fit of the jacket allows for easy movement while retaining a stylish silhouette. With a waterproofing rating of 8/10, you're equipped to handle a wide range of weather conditions. The 30-inch length offers ample coverage, ensuring you're well-protected from the elements. Thanks to the fully taped seams, there's no chance for rain to infiltrate, making this jacket a reliable shield against even the most persistent showers.

Features that count:

  • Attached Hood: Protects your head and face from the elements, adding an extra layer of defense.
  • Taped Seams: Seam sealing taken to the next level, leaving no room for leaks or drafts.
  • Waist and Chest Pockets: Convenient storage solutions for essentials, ensuring you're always organized.
  • Elastic Bound Cuffs: Keeps the cold out and the warmth in, giving you snug comfort.
  • Packable Design: With its ingenious folding capabilities, you're always prepared, no matter the destination.

And now, with the esteemed emblem of the Equestrian Center logo beautifully embellished on the sleeve, your jacket tells a story beyond its functional excellence. It becomes a symbol of your affinity for equestrian pursuits, blending passion with performance seamlessly.

Experience the Helly Hansen Belfast 2 Packable Jacket – a harmonious fusion of style, practicality, and your equestrian devotion, ensuring you're ready to conquer every adventure, rain or shine.

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